Marilyn Monroe was considered the sexiest woman of her time.
she doesnt have the gap,
you cant see her ribs,
her hair doesnt come down to her ass.

she’s pretty much the opposite of what everyone risks their lives and tries so hard to be.

society you fucked up.

thats all well and good but pls be careful how you word things because it can be hurtful to some people thank u god bless

You know what, no, there is nothing wrong with how that is worded.

It’s a play by play of what she looks like, just pointing out the differences between the media of then’s perception of beauty and that of the media now, and calls out only those people who are risking their lives and purposefully trying to acquire those things which society says is perfect through dangerous methods. It doesn’t say shit about anyone who is naturally built small. It doesn’t say that those things are inherently bad. It says that society expecting us to go to extremes for a body type that is unhealthy for so many young american girls, or pressuring them to reach it through unhealthy mean, is wrong.

I’m tired of coddling naturally small people and constantly watching my words about my frustrations with what the media is considering the end all be all of beauty so that they don’t think I’m talking about them. As someone with a body type very much like Marilyn’s, these are things that I needed to hear years ago, exactly how they were said, for the sole purpose of recognizing my own beauty and worth, and if that makes some overly sensitive person feel bad well then fuck them, I needed to fucking hear it said just like this, and it’s very clearly not talking about anyone who’s just naturally built smaller, so they can take their "could you word it differently, because I know you’re hurting over this but saying it like that makes me feel uncomfortable about myself. Not all skinny people want to be that skinny, we’re just built that way" and shove it right up their ass. Because that is so totally not what posts like these are talking about.

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